Jeffrey B. Renton

P (978) 475—7580

Environmental Counseling and Litigation

Representation in enforcement actions, professional liability matters and a wide range of regulatory proceedings.
  • Successful representation of a real estate 'Brownfields' developer who secured complete liability protection in connection with converting two former fuel oil depots to residential use. The groundbreaking project involved issuance of the first Massachusetts Covenant Not to Sue.
  • Successful representation of an international chemical company involved in remediating a former facility, and then selling portions of the former facility to the Town of Andover, Massachusetts.
  • Successful representation of citizen's group (as special Clean Air Act counsel) in opposing the new source review permitting of a new 'greenfields' 540 MW gas—fired, dual—turbine electricity plant on the Merrimack River.
  • Successful representation of a New England real estate developer in administrative proceedings and private negations concerning illegal dumping of contaminated fill from a Superfund site. Successfully obtained (i) an expedited cleanup and permitting process to enable the real estate development to proceed on schedule, and (ii) cost recovery on behalf of his client from the responsible parties as well as the client's insurance company.
  • Multiple successful representations of private homeowners in securing insurance proceeds and contributions from home heating oil companies to address fuel oil spills.
  • Successful representation of a private land trust in obtaining cleanup contribution from a demolition contractor who deposited contaminated fill on several acres of developable land owned by the trust, and thus overseeing the cleanup under the MCP and the Solid Waste Regulations.
  • Multiple representations of licensed site professionals ('LSPs') in proceedings before the Massachusetts LSP Board.

Commercial, government investigations and employment litigation

Has resolved a wide range of disputes involving licenses, contracts, unfair competition; federal, state and local investigations; and disputes arising under ERISA.
  • Successful representation of a closely held Massachusetts corporation in pursuing copyright and trademark claims arising out of the unauthorized use and republication of website content.
  • Successful representation of several former partners of a national accounting firm whose partnerships were unilaterally terminated by the firm without their being paid their partnership shares.
  • Successful representation of the major investors in a real estate joint venture to gain control of the venture and secure its rightful equity interest.
  • Successful representation of a closely held corporation whose trade secrets were allegedly misappropriated for the purpose of unlawful competition.
  • Successful representation of a country club in connection with OSHA investigations and retaliation claims by an employee.
  • Successful and ongoing representation of numerous companies, institutions and individuals in connection with government investigations.
  • Successful and ongoing representation of a Fortune 500 company in connection with numerous insurance coverage matters involving environmental contamination and exposure to asbestos fibers and/or silica dust.
  • Successful representation of a law firm in defense of ERISA breach of fiduciary claims.
  • Successful representation of an individual in prosecuting ERISA claims to secure rights under an ESOP.
  • Successful representation of numerous individuals in connections with their discrimination claims under federal and state law, including a trial victory against the United States.
  • Ongoing representation of a company involved in federal and state investigations under the Medicare and Medicaid statutes and programs.

Personal Injury

Prosecution and defense of complex products liability cases.
  • Successful representation of Stop & Shop Supermarket Companies in defense of multiple personal injury claims filed by visitors to its stores.
  • Successful prosecution of a major products liability action against a major international manufacturer of electricity transmission components and the utility that utilizedthose components, on behalf of a grievously injured individual and his spouse.
  • Successful defense of a County Club in bringing about the dismissal of wrongful death claims brought by the estate of a former employee.