Edward J. Denn

Senior Associate
P (978) 475-7580


  • Represented a builder/developer during the application, appeal and negotiation processes required for approval of a multi-million dollar residential subdivision. Overcame opposition from neighbors alleging issues of conservation, drainage, protected species, vernal pools and wetlands.
  • Represented builders and buyers in various disputes over architecture, contract, design, deadline, material, specification and workmanship.
  • Represented builders in contract disputes over purchase of undeveloped building lots.
  • Represented buyers of a home which began to crack, settle and sink after purchase due to improper construction on a dumpsite.
  • Represented buyers of a home which flooded with wastewater due to installation of drainage and septic facilities in the water table.
  • Represented buyers of a home in a new subdivision after builder/developer failed to finish drainage facilities required by the subdivision plans.
  • Represented occupant of a condominium unit contaminated with asbestos dust from a remodeler's demolition of an adjacent unit.
  • Represented contractors and tradesmen in asserting and collecting numerous and substantial mechanic's and materialman's liens.


  • Represented variety of local, national, and multi-national businesses in contract and major collection/payment disputes.
  • Represented out-of-state retailer of trucks and trailers accused of breaching contract and committing unfair and deceptive business practices during the sale of its product.
  • Represented national real estate brokerage in action to attach property and collect disputed commission.
  • Represented multi-national manufacturer sued as beneficiary of energy contracts entered into and then defaulted upon by the bankrupt Enron companies.


  • Represented white male employee in groundbreaking prosecution of a reverse discrimination claim against his employer, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Represented 50-year-old male in the prosecution of an age discrimination claim against his former employer, a multi-million dollar multi-national manufacturing company.


  • Represented various employees asserting violations of federal and state acts requiring payment of weekly wages, payment of prevailing wages, and payment of overtime compensation.
  • Represented former corporate executive wrongfully sued for damages under the Massachusetts Weekly Wages Act.
  • Represented a former employee sued under a non-compete and non-disclosure clause in his employment contract.


  • Represented clients in the collection of first and third-party insurance benefits under a variety of policies, including auto, disability, general, homeowners and life.

Intellectual Property and Technology

  • Represented an international developer and servicer of software products in defense and prosecution of actions involving contract, copyright, licensing, theft of trade secret, federal Wire Tap Act and other issues.


  • Represented commercial landlords and tenants of offices, warehouses, industrial buildings and shopping malls in damage, deposit, lease and other disputes.

Personal Injury

  • Represented a young passenger who suffered "scalping" injuries in a rollover auto accident on Route I-495 in Massachusetts.
  • Represented a young driver who suffered neck and spine injuries in a rollover auto accident caused by a police cruiser that ran red light.
  • Represented MIT-trained rocket scientist who suffered neck and spine injuries in a rollover auto accident on the upper deck of Route I-93.
  • Represented plaintiffs in medical malpractice actions involving obstetrical and surgical errors.
  • Represented plaintiffs and defendants in premises liability actions involving maintenance and care of real property.

Product Liability

  • Represented an overhead lineman in negligence and product liability actions against multi- billion dollar multi-national corporate users, servicers, manufacturers and distributors of electrical equipment which caused him burns and loss of limbs.
  • Represented tobacco distributors against a multi-billion dollar products liability action brought by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in an effort to recover Medicaid expenditures for alleged smoking-related illnesses.
  • Represented tobacco distributors against 50 multi-million dollar products liability actions brought by individual smokers seeking to recover damages for alleged smoking-related illnesses.

Real Estate

  • Represented buyers and sellers in numerous disputes over breach, enforcement, inducement, interpretation and misrepresentation in connection with commercial and residential purchase and sale agreements.
  • Represented landowners making special permit and zoning variance applications and appeals.