Robert J. Gilbert

Managing Member
P (978) 409-6235

His insurance and business litigation work has included the representation of some of the most recognizable business entities in the United States and across the world.
Has resolved a wide range of disputes involving licenses, contracts, unfair competition; federal, state and local investigations.

Jeffrey B. Renton

P (978) 475-7580

Matthew J. Ginsburg

P (978) 409-6238

Has extensive experience representing individuals and corporate entities of all sizes in commercial, construction, land-use, employment and insurance disputes before courts.
His practice is devoted to the litigation and trial of complex, high-stakes civil matters.  He has handled a wide variety of matters before state and federal courts.

Edward J. Denn

Senior Associate
P (978) 475-7580

Dennis N. D'Angelo

P (978) 409-6233

Has extensive experience in all phases of complex civil litigation including motion practice, trial in both state and federal court, and appeals.